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Our Services


Biomechanical Assessment 
Movement-based assessment to determine the strengths and weaknesses contributing to movement deficiencies. By addressing these faults, not only can we help reduce pain, but also prevent further injury in the future.    


Corrective Exercises
Specific exercises given to address the mobility and strength limitations found in the biomechanical assessment to promote proper movement patterns..    


Manual Therapy
Massage: benefits include, but are not limited to, improved circulation, pain relief, increased range of motion, relax/soften injured or overused muscles, improve joint flexibility, reduced post-surgical adhesions and swelling, and reduce spasms or cramping. Following a strain or sprain, massage is a crucial element to breaking down scar tissue in order to proper realignment and healing of the affected muscles or ligaments

Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization (ASTM): deep tissue technique through the use of ergonomic tools to help break down scar tissue, increase blood flow to the affected area, promote increased range of motion, tissue healing and improve muscle function.

Joint Mobilization: Graded movements isolated to a specific joint to help return proper joint motion and function


Personalized exercise programs
Whether recovering from surgery or rehabbing from injury, it is important that one be able to continue progressing once physical therapy sessions have ended in order to ensure safe return to desired training and/or activity levels.  Initial therapy focuses on the affected area of complaint, however, when returning to desired activities the body must work as a whole.  We look to design these programs with idea of maximizing functional mobility and strength with emphasis on proper movement patterns to reduce tendencies toward the use compensatory patterns and avoid re-injury.